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Video marketing: Know your why

We’ve already laid out the reasons to include video in your marketing strategy, and the different formats you could choose from. Still, there’s no point making a video purely for the sake of making a video – that’s just noise. Before you pick up a camera, know which of these is your why. 


1. Awareness: Putting yourself in front of your customers


The internet is a big place. Your customers are out there somewhere experiencing a problem you could help solve if only they knew about you. An awareness video does what it says on the box: It alerts more people to your existence. It may not automatically convert into sales, but the next time someone needs a product or service like yours, they know where to find it.


Here’s a great example: The Animation School is the best of its kind within the African continent and is ranked 11th in the world. Despite this impressive ranking, they are somewhat unknown internationally and are really only recognised within the Animation community.

To broaden awareness, we decided to advertise them as an internationally recognised school, having ties to world renowned institutions like Gobellin. 

They often exchange students as well as lecturers to keep the school on the cutting edge of global developments within the animation industry.

This has allowed them to compete and win over 125 awards in their 21 years of existence. 

This campaign used the experiences and perspectives from said individuals, to elevate their name and gain reach and exposure.

Using video interviews from the likes of Alexandre Heboyan (animator and director) who has worked extensively with Pixar working on features like Kung Fu Panda. 


The Animation School also feeds the rapidly growing Cape Town and Johannesburg industry with quality alumni that are put straight into studios, working on international series and features. This creates attention on a global scale, allowing local audiences to immediately follow suit. 


EG: Why Study with The Animation School


2. Education: Familiarising people with your offering


So now you’re in your potential customers’ orbit. They know about you, they think they kind of like what you do, but they need a little hand-holding before they hit that ‘buy now’ button. Drop a little knowledge so that using your product becomes a no-brainer for them. You can also create educational content aimed at existing customers, either to add value to what they’ve already bought, or to introduce them to something else you offer that complements their previous purchase. 


EG: SASKO Sandwich Story – Clement Pedro

EG: Kit-Kat Truffle Recipe


3. Engagement: Turning it into a two-way street


You have your audience. They’re listening. Maybe they’re even buying. Now you want the dialogue to go both ways, and your socials to pop off so you can cultivate more leads there. You need a video that’s going to drive likes, shares and comments, and maybe even result in testimonials and user-generated content. Here are some ideas to start:


  1. Use the live function on social channels so you can interact with your audience in real time. Don’t forget to let them know when you’ll be going live, and have some kind of hook (a competition, a limited-time discount code announcement, a special guest) to get them there. 
  2. Provide value – whether that’s useful topical info, good feelings, or some kind of life hack – so they’re more likely to share. 
  3. Evoke emotion. This one’s trickier because you want to be authentic, not manipulative. But if your cause is a good one, then go for it.


EG: 1. Celebrity Chef Showdown 2019 Teaser

EG: 2. Suzelle’s Spanakopizza – How It’s Made

EG: 3. CCS 2019 All For A Good Cause

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